AR vs VR

1. What’s the difference?
Simply put – VR replaces reality, taking you somewhere else via a headset. AR adds to reality, projecting information on top of things you are already viewing through a screen – usually via tablet or smartphone.

2. How can I use this technology on my stand?
If you have a certain product that would benefit being seen and used in a certain environment, then consider setting up an area of your booth dedicated to VR as an attraction. Visitors can come onto your stand and put the headset on and be immersed into the environment you wish to portray.
If you are worried that attendees may feel uncomfortable putting a headset on in front of a crowd, then opt for utilising tablets and design graphics with QR codes and trigger objects. These triggers can then play films or bring up interactive features that can explain your product without having it on the stand taking up space.

3. Is the investment of AR & VR limited to just the one show?
The beauty of investing in these interactive features is that there are simply no limits! For example, you can take your headset or tablet back to the office and use them as training tools for new employees. If you have an international exhibition programme you could have options for voice-overs/text in multiple languages to appeal to all audiences. You can even use them as fun, educational games on corporate team building days -the possibilities, as they say, really are endless!

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