Trade Show Trends This Month

Multi-Dimensional Design – Faceted architecture is a massive trend at the moment, diagonal lines and sharp angles help create more depth and layers on your stand. Transparent Screens – Whether it’s used as a product reveal or a divide to...

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Eau de Cologne – German Cuisine – 2.4 km away – 4.5 rating on Trip Advisor Lommerzheim – German Cuisine – 400 metres away – 4.5 rating...

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Clean Air Technology Expo with Filtermist

The 11th of this month marks the first of our three show programme with new client Filtermist. The Clean Air Technology Expo is one of a handful of specialist shows at the Contamination Expo series. Filtermist are showcasing a number...

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SPACE 2019 with Hubbard

This month found Opus 3 over in Rennes, France with our valued client Hubbard. SPACE is an international event focused on animal production and this year we ...

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Deadly Design Sins for Your Booth Graphics

1. Using Multiple Fonts The general rule of thumb with design is not to use more than 3 different typefaces. Using multiple fonts can make your graphics...

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