Deadly Design Sins for Your Booth Graphics

1. Using Multiple Fonts
The general rule of thumb with design is not to use more than 3 different typefaces. Using multiple fonts can make your graphics look messy and over crowded. Stick to an absolute maximum of three (this includes the font families – we all know Helvetica has hundreds of styles in its family!) and try not to use too many contrasting font changes (e.g bold, italics, underlined).

2. Stretching your Images to the Max
By all accounts, there is such thing as ‘exhibition quality’ – however it seems a little illogical to pay for graphic printing and fitting when the images are blurry and pixelated? Don‘t spoil your beautiful stand with pixelated, bad quality images. If you’re struggling for content, consider purchasing a high quality image from a stock website.

3. Too Much Information!
Try to avoid using lots of text on large graphics – visitors are much less likely to read a large amount of text on booth graphics than they are from one of your brochures. Stick to big, impactful imagery and bold, captivating sentences to entice your visitors.

4. DIY
Trying to design the graphics yourself may save you a bit of money, but do you really know what you’re doing? If you don’t know the differences between a vector and a raster, it’s best to leave it to the professionals! Hire a graphic designer with experience in booth artwork to achieve the best aesthetic for your stand!

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