Exhibition DON’TS

1. DON’T Ask Unengaging Questions
The age-old ‘can I answer any questions for you’/’can I help you with anything’, more often than not are met with a response of – ‘no thanks, just browsing’. Try and ask a question that prompts a conversation, e.g. ‘I see you work for company XYZ… what is your role there?’. Although not everyone has a company badge for you to recognise – be engaging and always speak with a smile on your face as getting a good conversation started will heighten your chances of making a sale!

2. DON’T Eat Your Lunch on Your Stand
Unless there is a private room on your space where you can sit and be out of the way of attendees. Visitors do not want to feel like they have interrupted your lunch hour to speak to you. You may find people actively avoid coming to a stand where the exhibitor is eating as it looks unprofessional.

3. DON’T Bombard the Customer With Information
If you do not allow the recipient to get involved in the conversation (i.e. by asking them questions) you will lose their interest within approximately 15 seconds. Do not overload the visitor with information straight off the bat, customise the conversation by asking what their intentions are for the show and finding out how you could benefit each other.

4. DON’T Be a Scroller
There is nothing more off-putting than seeing somebody totally disinterested and scrolling through social media. Even if you are having a lull moment – make yourself look busy. You need to invite people onto your stand, which is very hard to do whilst looking down at a screen. Look up, be engaging.

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