Green Exhibiting

1. Using Recyclable Materials
Materials such as chip board can not only be an enviromentally friendly alternative to wood finishes, they are an effective way of giving your stand a ‘recycled chic’ look. If you have a larger budget for your stand design, look into incorporating walls made from recycled glass and plastics for an ultimate green exhibition experience.

2. Re-use Your Graphics
Vinyl graphics prove difficult to use again at multiple shows. Consider printing onto materials such as foamex and stretched fabric and incorporate re-using them across a number of shows to save waste.

3. Get The Most From Your Sheet Size
Liaise with your building contractor on their material sheet sizes – thus allowing you to better design your
stand by using as much from one sheet as possible and minimising waste.

4. Salvage Your Shrubbery!
Remember that floral is compostable, if you have vases of flowers on your stand then be sure to take them away to compost. Alternatively, if there is a lot of floral, consider donating it to local charities or community projects.

5. Get A Rolling Contract
When discussing your stand design, think ahead to what other shows you are attending in the future. Research companies that can support you at a number of shows and who can design you a stand that can be re-installed across a number of different events.

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