Ideas for Enticing Visitors Pre-Show

Don’t rely solely on the show organisers and event marketing to bring new customers to your door. Invest time in getting customers to your stand yourself by using these simple tips:

1. Incentives
Advertise a giveaway or deal that is exclusively available at the show. If you’re offering a great deal that can only be utilised if you ‘download the app’ or fill in your details prior to the show, then take it along to the stand when the show opens. This may give visitors more of an incentive to visit your specific space.

2. Cocktail hours
Prior to the show date, invite visitors to your stand at a specific time for a cocktail hour or demonstration. Having a dedicated time slot for hospitality is a great opportunity for extra networking.

3. Celebrities/Respected Industry Guru
In today‘s world of social media and selfies, who doesn’t want to meet a celebrity to post a picture on their Instagram page for extra likes? Invite a celebrity (preferably industry related) to do a talk about your product on your stand to entice your visitors. Make sure the chosen celeb/guru is posting about the opportunity on their socials for an extra reach.

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