Industry Tips

1. Make yourself Visible
Follow the 100-10-1 rule. Three levels of signage. Suspended banners or LED signage that can be seen from 100m away; signage with eye catching content that can be seen from 10m away and detailed information signage that can be read 1m from the edge of the stand. Remember too, the 4 second rule. You’ve got just 4 seconds to make the passing visitor stop and engage with you and your product/service.

2. Charge up your leads
Following the 100-10-1 rule should lead to more footfall. A small dedicated area to smartphone recharging is a simple yet effective way of attracting visitors to your booth. A 5min timed power charge is enough time to see if your lead using the lead can turn in to a decent lead. If not, the visitor leaves with a feel good factor and maybe some collateral or information they can pass on to someone who may need your help.

3. Light up your life
LED technology provides brighter, higher resolution and more cost effective screen solutions. Any initial outlay increase is soon recovered in efficiency.

4. Get social
Add social media content to your stand, get visitors to engage in real time feedback on social media platforms. It generates new leads and good publicity. There are a number of ‘off-the shelf’ data gathering apps that can be used for real time competition, adding credibility to the ‘in stand experience’.

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