minimise your food and drink waste at events

Is part of your pull at exhibitions to have a fully functioning bar and hospitality area, to offer refreshments and food to your visitors? Do you ever feel guilty putting all the wasted food and drink in a bin bag at the end of a show? Billions of pounds worth of food is wasted after trade shows alone, so here’s some helpful tips on how to minimise your wastage after events:
Have a Plan – Look into how much food has been wasted at previous events. If it is an extensive amount then be sure to organise less for your next show. Make a note after each event as to how much food and drink was bought, consumed and left over to keep you on track.
Donate the Leftovers- Research into local food banks around the area of the event. Once the show is over consider donating leftover food and drink that would be going to waste to people less fortunate.
Treat your Staff – If any food or drink can be salvaged after the event, then why not take the left overs for the staff who have worked hard on pulling the show together? Take an hour for lunch and enjoy a treat all together for a job well done!
Save It – If you’ve purchased food and drink items with a long sell by date then make sure you have a place to store it all and take it to the next show.

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