Best of Show at BIBA 2014

Where do we go from here when taking into account the last 3 show stoppers at Biba  ( 2011 , 2012 & 2013 ) was the question?! When you’ve designed and built a galleon, constructed a castle, created a Ginger bread house , what’s left as MARKERSTUDY continue to grow at an almost unprecedented rate in the Insurance sector?

The “Rise of the Empire “ seemed  the most obvious  theme and design created in partnership with the talented bunch at Ginger Monkeys for 2014 – the realisation of the concept couldn’t have been more apt is the stand came to life within the arena. A truly unique and prominent environment from which the proud Markerstudy team could work from making it more than a worthy winner of the Best of Show title!

Will the Empire strike back in 2015 ……follow us and find out.

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