Stay Connected

With the constantly changing situation and adaptation in work roles – the one thing you probably have a lot more of right now is time. This is an ideal opportunity to reach out to existing and new customers to see how they are coping and where you can help/assist.

1. Platforms: There are so many platforms to choose from. Instagram and Pinterest are great for sharing photos of products and services. To get more involved with industry news – try Twitter. There are also more niche groups that you might want to consider to focus more on your target audience. Now’s the time to research some new platforms and give them a try.

2. Consistency: You need to ensure that your image and message remains constant throughout all your social media platforms.

3. Interaction: Connect more with your audience to better understand what they like in order to provide more focused content.

4. Content: Provide your audience with the right mix of relevant industry news and updates in conjunction with lighter, more upbeat, features to entertain and brighten their day – especially during the current climate.

5. Engage: Never forget this is a relationship and to follow/share posts.

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