Tips for Digital Signage

1. Use the right font
Make sure you stick to bold, easy reading, sans-serif typefaces. Ensure all text can be easily read from at least 7-10ft away, we advise using no less than 20pt font size as a general rule.

2. Six second rule
Always remember passers-by have a window of approximately 6 seconds before they decide to come on to your stand. Make sure your signage can convey the relevant information in this short window.

3. Call to action
Grab your viewers’ attention with big, bold call to actions. E.g. ‘get 20% off today’ or ‘win a car’. Use bright block colours and eye catching shapes to catch people’s eyes.

4. Slide Transitions
If you are using a powerpoint presentation on your screens, make sure there is enough time between slides for viewers to digest the information on each slide.

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