Tips for Exhibiting in U.A.E

1. Greetings

It’s polite to shake hands with business prospects. But if it’s a woman, you need to wait for them to extend their hand first. Generally, women don’t/can’t shake hands with members of the opposite sex. If a woman doesn’t offer to shake hands, it’s a clear indication of their position.

2. Meetings

If you have arranged meetings on your stand with locals, be prepared to wait! For locals, it’s not uncommon for them to be delayed or to over-run especially if they have multiple meetings planned throughout the day.

3. No Alcohol

Alcohol isn’t permitted on site…. Alcohol can be found in hotels where virtually every one has bars and restaurants that serve wine, beer and spirits.

4. Show Respect
Although the majority of locals speak English in the U.A.E, there are a number of companies that provide English/Arabic multi-lingual hostesses. This helps to make the right impression.

5. VAT

Remember, the UAE now has 5%VAT added to virtually everything you purchase or hire. The knock on effect of this has meant a significant increase in the basic costs of everyday items and services, and isn’t always the easiest thing to claim back.

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