Trade Show Trends This Month

Multi-Dimensional Design – Faceted architecture is a massive trend at the moment, diagonal lines and sharp angles help create more depth and layers on your stand.

Transparent Screens – Whether it’s used as a product reveal or a divide to a semi-private meeting room, using a fabric with projected imagery is a fun new way to create an unusual intrigue on your stand. Using specialised glass panels or translucent OLED displays can be a great way of communicating your message to the captive audience whilst retaining sightlines through your booth.

Immersive Flooring – When was the last time you saw an exhibition stand where its main point of focus was the floor? Suspended fascias and tall towers are all over the exhibition halls, so consider standing out by keeping your architecture clean and white and bring your floor to life via interactive projection mapping. Great opportunities exist to promote any product or brand.

Projection Technology – Speaking of projection mapping, this can be used in countless ways. You can enhance any inanimate object and simple shape with wonderful moving animations via projection. Think of the famous Disneyland Castle projection shows as a reference.

Selfie Stations – A selfie is the most taken photograph of the past few years (over landscapes and food etc), capitalise on this and set up a fun area where people can take selfies. Consider a photo booth, or even a life size brand mascot to pose with (and of course encourage visitors to upload to socials and tag your company for a greater reach).

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