Why we LOVE trade shows

O.O.O – Who doesn’t enjoy a change of scenery? Getting away from the same four walls for the day has been proven to increase productivity upon return to the office.
Networking – Trade shows and exhibitions provide excellent opportunities to network face-to-face on a global scale. Choosing the right trade show to attend (along with a great stand) allows you to easily meet like-minded people.
Gaining Knowledge of What’s #Trending – Exhibitions can be a great way to keep up with what’s trending in your industry, for example – new technologies being showcased. Keep an eye on other attendees’ visitor numbers and make a note of what it was that attracted their audience.
Sizing Up the Competition – Whether you’re attending to better your competitor, or simply to ‘keep your enemies close’, a little competition is healthy. It keeps everyone on their toes and at the top of their game, and after all – would it look bad if they were attending a show and you weren’t?
Freebies – Come on, we all love a goodie bag! From a visitor point of view, why would you not want a branded stress ball? And from an exhibitor point of view – giving away a branded pen is a great way for visitors to remember you. Win-Win!

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